22 February 2016


That's right - playing - just playing!!! 

I wanted to try out the diamond pattern to see how small it would be when worked in a size 80 thread. I wanted to know just in case anybody asked!! Not that they have and probably never will!!! Anyway, after I'd made this a few weeks ago it went missing!!!

No, this time it wasn't under the scanner - it was put away 'safely' as it may be needed for another day. More about that when I know more about that!!!!

This is the diamond pattern which can be found here. There are six of them joined together and the little doily measures (from point to point) 3½".  I did think it maybe useful to know what each single diamond felt like with regard to making earrings from the pattern but have decided that number 80 may be just a BIT too fine and 'bendy'.  I like earrings that will keep their shape and not be so flimsy that after a few wearings they will bend.  Heavily beaded earrings do tend to keep their shape well but it would be too fiddly to add ears to this pattern in too many places without taking the thread off the shuttle in at least one place.  


  1. I always think it would be fun to tat the same doily in all sizes - 20, 40 and 80. But that's as far as it goes - thinking about it!

  2. I like seeing what a pattern looks like in different sizes. I agree, size 80 is a bit bendy, making it perfect for things like hanky edgings. ;-)

    1. It's my favourite for hanky edgings, Diane.

  3. Love what you do with your diamonds!!! :)
    That star shape is wonderful!!! :)

  4. I love this pattern. But have only tatted it in size 20. I've been thinking about earrings, love Sue's ones, so glad of the tip that 80 might be too fine.

  5. I heard my name mentioned!! Size 20 and 40 with beads on the outside only are good for earwigs of this pattern, but 80 is just too fine for them!! So... although I loves it as a mat, for me that pattern will always mean earwigs!!! LOL Looks lovely tho Jane!!


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